• After connect the power, the motor occur electromagnetic torque, while the double-brake attract. The rotor start rotation at the speed 2850rpm/min, through coupler, rotor's speed and torque input to gearbox, after reduction of speed ratio from the gearbox, through the drive adapter ,the torque was passed by outer shaft to outer tube. thus ,outer tube's rotation control the door or window up and down.


    The rotation of outer tube enable crown and gear ring's rotation, through middle support pole(inside of limit head) tooth profile nut slide up and down, at the help of limit head block it can control micro switch open or close finally realize control the limitation up or down. If cut the power, double-brake braking, motor stop working.


  • The Cause Of Malfunction

    Press up button of controller, device running downward

    When power on, motor running in one-way direction only

    Motor not work or work slowly after connect the power

    Motor under running suddenly stop running

    The wire inside controller connect wrong

    Limit switch inside motor doesn’t open

    1.The wire inside controller connect wrong


    3.improper installation lead inside spare parts get stuck motor

    4.Both limit switch inside motor not open

    1.Motor is overheated

    2.Power cut

    3.Reach limitation



    Exchange the position of motor lead out black wire and brown wire

    Rotate the crown 1-2 circles forward the against direction

    3.Check the accessories whether install correct

    1.Change motor that can matching with power and rated voltage

    2.Change to the right N.m motor

    4.Rotate the crown 1-2 circles forward any direction

    2.Restart after connect power

    3.Based on situation to decide whether need adjust the limit

    If the idler is active, cut appropriately length of the tube

    1.Cooling around 20 minutes, motor will work normally.

    Outer tube is too longer leads brackets in both sides too tight

    Abnormal sound during running