Motorized Roller DoorMotorized Ceiling CurtainMotorized Awning 


45mm Electronic Motor 

Electronic Limit head, Build-In Receiver, Resistance and Stop function 

Usage: awning, roller blinds, roller door , projection screen etc. 


Suitable for high window, for blinds max 50 meters. 

Convenient for setting the limitation position ,through emitter can realize easily. especially suitable for outdoor high widow not convenient for setting limitation via motor head. 

Emitter with the learning code function, easy for installation and debug 

Permit the third limitation position setting, guarantee indoor light while shading. 

Upward resistance stop function  

Downward resistance and stop function, including resistance and stop mode, resistance and rebound mode, resistance and rebound to up limitation position mode  

adopt double hall sensor to select rotor's revolution pulse single, more reliable 




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